A Holiday Message

VuyiVuyiseka Dubula and Mandla Majola, with their children and Vuyiseka’s “2016 Global Leadership Award.”

This holiday season, more than any other we could remember in recent years, had us seeking something to feel good about. The events of the last few months — from around the world, to our own backyard — had us feeling dispirited. And then we received this message from Vuyiseka Dubula, recipient of Acacia Global’s 2016 Global Leadership Award.

“I felt undeserving of this award, but at the same time, one must also be grateful that there are still people who notice even the small contributions one makes. Many of us do not see our passion for justice and equality as work, and therefore do not always expect thank you and recognition. I would like to accept this award on behalf of the thousands of women whom I draw inspiration, strength and wisdom from — whom I draw energy to do more in life, so that my children and future generations have a better country.”

This is why we do the work that we do at Acacia Global. Not for a thank you and for recognition, but to support passionate leaders who are committed to justice and equality. We do this work to help forge a better world for future generations.

We couldn’t do this work if it wasn’t for generous donors like you. It’s people like Vuyiseka Dubula — and you — who buoy our spirits. Thank you.

Wishing you all the joy of the holidays.

The Board of Directors of Acacia Global