A note from Bheki at Mind Trix Media

“Firstly thank you to the board members of Acacia Global for kindly considering my application and pitch.

Being awarded the Acacia Global investment has really been amazing to me and my business Mind Trix Media. One word describing the opportunity/investment is “GROWTH.”

The investment has really grown my business. I have been able to increase my sales team / sales. We now able to reel in more business and capture a larger market share. This is great because it ties significantly to our increased capacity, because we getting in more business we are forced to increase our capacity. With the investment we have been able to buy better faster computers for our operations team. In addition we are looking for an additional employee. I clearly see growth. Mind Trix Media is growing.

Once again thank you so much Acacia Global board not only have you helped grow Mind Trix Media, you have made everyone at Mind Trix Media believe in our vision more. We firmly all believe dreams can come true.

Kind regards
Bheki Kunene – Founder Mind Trix Media”

In the fall of 2013, Acacia Global made a business loan to Mind Trix Media.  The message above was sent in response to that loan. 

Below: The beginning of Mind Trix in 2009 – in a bedroom.


Below: Mind Trix Media today

Below: Mind Trix Media vision for 2014/15