Update from HISA: Meet Tamia Josef and Neelao Josef

HISAFriendsThe following update was sent to us by Patricia Patricia Sola Mafukidz, Co-Founder of Hope Initiatives Namibia. Acacia Global provides funding to HISA, whose services include providing education and meals to nearly 100 youth at their center outside of Windhoek, Namibia.

Eleven year old Tamia and her little sister – eight year old Neelao – live with their grandmother, 3 aunties and 12 other children in the Okuruyangava informal settlements. The two lovely girls came to HISA bridging school after a community social worker discovered they were not attending school after their mother’s death in 2011. The girls’ father died before 2010.

Tamia says, “I love my sister, grandmother and my teacher at HISA. I am so happy that I am now back at school and I also have a beautiful school bag. My old friends cannot laugh at me again. My teacher gives us textbooks with pictures to look at and we can make a story from them.”

Nelao says, “I love my aunties, my grandmother, my sister and all of the teachers at HISA . I love my track suit because it’s written love. I am happy because we eat every day at the school and also we can play at the playground. I can write my name and my sister’s name now.”

Tamia was in grade 3 when her mother passed away, whilst Nelao has never been to school before. The children stopped attending school when their mother became critically ill, and never returned to school after her death.  As the death of her mother now meant they were total orphans with no one to look after them, their loving grandmother who is unemployed took them in despite the fact that she is sharing her small tin home “Kambashu” with three grown daughters and 10 grandchildren. Her husband works in another town as a labourer and comes home once or twice a month. There is critical food shortage at the home.

When the children came to HISA in 2012, we put them on a waiting list hoping for extra funds so that we could take them in full time. Acacia Global funding opened that door with the funds for the bridging school and we were able to accommodate the two lovely girls full time at HISA enjoying all our services. Tamia is now in the Grade 3-4 group while Nelao is in the Grade 1-2 class. They are doing very well indeed according to their teachers, Teacher Cecilia and Teacher Vera.

HISA, Tamia, and Neelao say thank you our friends from Acacia Global for giving us a chance to get back to school, receive a school bag and school supplies.