Acacia Global 2012 Annual Report

With enormous gratitude, we celebrate the first year of Acacia Global. We are an all-volunteer organization, working to make a difference for individuals and communities in Africa.

In 2012, as we began to establish ourselves and our partnerships in South Africa and Namibia, we met with several groups with we which we were familiar. We asked them what they needed to be more successful in their work, and what would make the largest impact in their communities.DSC_1081 (831x1024)

We began working with Monkeybiz, Hope Initiatives, Treatment Action Campaign, and individuals who were in need of basic items like food or school fees. Our goal is to have a positive effect on individuals and communities in an area that has so many critical needs. We do this because we know that we can make a difference.

Jonga Trust is one of our newest partners. They screen and manage  eye care for people in South Africa. Our friends at Monkeybiz knew that several of the women who did beading for them were having difficulty seeing; many had not had their eyes screened. With Acacia Global’s support, they were able to screen more than 50 women, and provide glasses to those who needed them. This is just one of the ways that – together – we’re changing lives.

Thank you, again, for your support.

2012 Income

Individuals:                 $32,163

Foundations:                20,000

Monkeybiz Sales:        12,317

Total:                          $64,480

Programs Supported in 2012

Jonga Trust

Hope Initiatives

Treatment Action Campaign

Social Justice Coalition

Emergency Food Aid

Individual Donors:

$1,000 +

Martyn Crook

Ann Fankhanel

John Frey and Jane Letourneau

Kent Linder and David Plante

Carol and Dan Wolfe

Tony and Cindy Zappa



Paul and Jeanette Koerber

Jeanette Letourneau

Mary Letourneau and Raymond Goettsch

Judy and Bob Straub

Jennifer and David Van Wyk

Kevin Winge and Kevin Shores

Diane Wussow


$100 – 499

Teri and Roy Bell

Carmen and Kevin Bock

Cheryl Chute

Sharron and Harvey Culver

Marilyn Flynn

Peter Frey and Flor Trevino Frey

Margaret Ann Hennen

Mary Ellen Hennen

Linda Kelsey and Glenn Strand

Claudette Kenmir

Donna and Jerry Leonard

Joe Letourneau

Barb Lund and Cathy Muldoon

Michele Mahmood

Kay Mitchell

Susan Pagani and William Ahlenius

Chuck and Joanne Parsons

Lora and Peter Pesheck

Peg Stokman

Julie Vogl

Gretchen and Lee Weisman

Sandy and Ralph Wilkes

Sarah and Andrew Wilson


$0 – 99

Carole Arwidson

Darlene Arwidson

Mel Baars

Carson Bock

Maureen and K.E. Josephson

Michelle and Ed Kram

Donella and William Kubiak

Kelly McManus and Mike Olson

Diana Pang

Deborah Randolph

Karen and Donald Stenberg

Roberta and Clarence Stoetzel

Kim and Joe Vrudny



Frey Foundation